Director: Davide Vox
Writer: Charlotte Chiew and Caleb Yap
Venue: Arcola Theatre

A park, a bench and two people with two newspapers “fighting” for their right to read in piece. A short clown piece about love at first sight put togheter by RedSand for the showcase Foreing Goods 3.


Director: Davide Vox
Writer: Bryan Moriarty
Photos: Naiad Productions
Venue: Old Red Lion


by Resuscitate Theatre

Director: Anna Marshall
Associate Director/Movement Director: Davide Vox
Venue: The Purple Mountain Theatre, Nanjing China


by Resuscitate Theatre

Director: Anna Marshall
Associate Director: Justin Murray
Movement Director: Davide Vox
Photos: Stephen Poole

Kal is seriously considering sedating the next patient who asks to be treated by a proper English doctor. Dom just wants to get into the shower while there’s still hot water. Felicity is living for the weekend. Lucy got her last choice ward and feels like she’s drowning. Tom’s getting good at tuning everything out and would quite like to keep it that way. Grace is just looking for someone to feed her cat while she’s on call. They all work in the hospital down the road from you. A collection of the sometimes funny, sometimes tragic true stories from the inside of the surgical mask. Follow the oath of six junior doctors as they
struggle to balance the pressure of the ward against their personal lives.


by Sognattori Estinti

Director: Rossana Farinati & Bruno Soriato.  Assistant Director: Davide Vox
Venue: La Luna Nel Pozzo, Ostuni (BA) Italy
Photos: Davide Giardino
Cast: Davide Vox, Greta Sassaroli, Danilo Brindicci, Fabio Morga, Domenico Indivieri, Giovanni Ceglie,
Fiammetta Gallone

Oedipus has just passed away in Colonus, and Antigone and her sister decide to return to Thebes with the intention of helping their brothers, Eteocles and Polyneices, avoid a prophecy that predicts they will kill each other in a battle for the throne of Thebes. But upon her arrival in Thebes, Antigone learns that both of her brothers are dead. Eteocles has been given a proper burial, but Creon, Antigone’s uncle who has inherited the throne, has issued a royal edict banning the burial of Polyneices, who he believes was a traitor. Antigone defies the law, buries her brother, and is caught. In their last outing in the realm of adolescence, Sognattori Estinti revisit Sophocles’s masterpiece focusing on those destructive outburst of rebellion typical of adolescence and on the relations with authority figures. An immersive outdoor performance, that mixes up physical theatre, circus and music to bring new life to a never ageing classic and fully transport the audience into that “middle-earth” so close to the company.


by Sognattori Estinti

Director: Rossana Farinati
Assistant Director: Davide Vox
Venue: Teatro Kismet OperA

After “A Partire dal Tumulto”, Sognattori Estinti are still investigating adolescence, but this time they are focusing on the first love. The first love as a powerful, transforming energy that shocks the body and forces us to confront it and see it changing for the first time. The first love as untameable beast that pushes us, breaks us and helps us grow up. Readapting the Shakespeare’s classic Romeo and Juliet, Sognattori Estinti try to imagine what would have happened if the two were born in a 21st century Verona, where phones, Facebook and Instagram are integral part of every teenager’s life. So Juliet becomes the
daughter of a surgeon, very smart, precise, religious, with very high grades and a bright future in front of her. Romeo is the popular boy, who lives his life day by day and just loves to hang out with his best friend, the stoner, wise-cracking Mercutio. The two meet and it’s love at first sight.


by Sognattori Estinti

Director: Rossana Farinati
Venue: Teatro Kismet OperA, Bari Italy
Cast: Davide Vox, Greta Sassaroli, Danilo Brindicci, Fabio Morga, Domenico Indivieri, Giuseppe
Scoditti, Adriana Buonfantino

A Partire dal Tumulto (Starting from the Riots) is a show about adolescence that does not try to explain his psychological aspects, but aims at approaching that force that is reshaping the body, relentlessly; exploring those sudden and traumatising changes, those inner riots that are reshaping the world of a teenager and forming a new land: the adult world. The space is the courtyard of a school, a place that is a sort of “middle earth” between childhood and adulthood. Filling this space a bunch of teenagers, incomplete figures that are learning how to face life by playing and acting, literally and artistically. Hence the show is not a linear narration, but more a weaving of fragments, games, moments and pictures that paint instants of those riots.